Hancock County CEO wants to SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR TAXES! That’s right, between now and Friday night, you can SAVE by contributing to this great program since CEO is a charitable cause. You’re following our program, so you already know the impact we’ve had on our students, right? If you know one of them, then you’ve seen it first-hand. Ask a graduate of our program and discover what they learned, life lessons that will certainly carry through to the rest of their lives, and MAY even bring some of them back to the county since they have life-long contacts and resources here, now. This effort makes a difference, every year in every student.

But it isn’t free. Oh, it’s free for the students, and it costs NO TAX MONEY from the schools or any other taxing body. BUT IT DOES COST, and that cost has always been borne by contributors who understand. Won’t you consider becoming one of those? “Investors” pledge $1000 for 3 years at a time and we greatly appreciate our investors! But we need more of them AND we need more “Friends of CEO.” A “Friend” is anyone who contributes any amount. Those contributions help us continue the program even as our costs increase.

The Hancock County CEO Board asks for your assistance. We’re continually making it easier to contribute. The easiest and quickest way is via Venmo. If you have a Venmo account, simply log in and “pay” whatever amount you are able to @HCCEO and we will follow up with the paperwork needed to make this a tax-deductible expense. Write a check to “Hancock County CEO” and drop it off at City Hall for Amy Graham (board member), or give it to any other board member, and we’ll deposit it locally and get the paperwork to you to confirm your intent and contribution.

Every contribution will help ensure we can continue to use CEO to impact the lives of our students, expand their understanding of Hancock County, and increase our chances of having them stay here to lead productive lives after high school Won’t you help?

A Sincere THANK YOU, from The Hancock County CEO Board.

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