Nathan Hayes

About Me

Nathan Hayes is a senior at Warsaw High School.  He is involved with Scholastic Bowl, Drama Club, CEO, and other programs outside of high school.  He enjoys reading, writing, and painting.  He is passionate about what he does and is persistent with whatever he sets his mind to. 

About My Business

Since he was 15, Nathan wanted to have his own business.  He has always loved the outdoors and nature and as a child would gather little "survival packs" for his journeys.  These childhood "adventures" and misadventures inspired him to always be prepared for anything that could happen.  This preparedness has followed him to present years and has now formed Buy 'N Go Bugout Bags, Packs & Kits.  This business is focused around preparedness, a lovely mix of luxury and necessity.  Nathan's kits can be focused on a particular theme, including: food packs, travel packs, emergency, survival, camping, and even toys!