Jacob Deitrich

About Me

Jacob Deitrich is a junior at Illini West High School.  He is involved in golf, baseball, and band at school.  He's in the Git 'R Done Club and participates in other school activities.  He is involved in other activities in the community and helps with programs at his church.  He enjoys hanging out with friends and playing golf in his free time.  During the summer, Jacob works for Printy Bros. Lawn Care and umpires local little league baseball games.  After high school, Jacob plans to attend a major university and obtain a degree in finance or business.

"CEO has not only taught me how to run a business, but has taught me life lessons that aren't learned anywhere else." 

About My Business

Jacob's business is called Overtime Sports.  At Overtime Sports, they will find a new need for used or unwanted sports equipment.  They will buy your used sports equipment and resell it on online stores or to anyone in the community.  Not only will they find a new use for the sports equipment, but they will also provide a more affordable option to anyone who doesn't want to spend money on brand new equipment.  Jacob thinks that there is a big need in the area for people to buy and sell their sports equipment without either having to sell it themselves or going to a bigger store in the surrounding area.  For more information about Overtime Sports, contact Jacob at jacob.deitrich@yahoo.com

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